6 August 2018

🎡🎢🎡 Monday - Music therapy day....oh what joy! I am glad we sing not only English and German, but also African and Maori songs, as my mind does not attach to the words - I actually have no clue what it means or quickly forget it and my mind takes off on little adventurous journeys.... Continue Reading →

5 August 2018

An alliance - that is what we are.... we are on this path together. No matter what cancer, no matter what background, I feel the special connection between the cancer patients - it's the sense of understanding without words. Chemonurse Fassbender says you cannot go along with everyone and at one point, you need to... Continue Reading →

4 August 2018

Total cancer fatigue disaster yesterday.... I am running on emergency power from 5pm onwards and it gets worse and worse.... normally, not that much of an issue, but we have Simone and her family over and I am presenting my worst self.... tired is ok, but I am moody, thin skinned, impatient and have no... Continue Reading →

3 August 2018

Markus drops off the kids this morning for the first time since he has been to hospital, but no rest for the wicked - our cleaning lady arrives early and turns everything upside down and I have planned to do something nice for myself today..... guess what - coffee with Simone, then a quick meeting... Continue Reading →

2 August 2018

I am at work today! Well, not really, but I visit the office to hand in my sick note. I chat to my colleagues and it feels like I am back... and what do I do - I want to write some articles I was asked for anyway and have my laptop with me -... Continue Reading →

1 August 2018

Boobs, bosom, breast, bust, falsies, foobs, melons or lemons.... whatever you call them, whoever you are... rich, poor, tall, short, big, small, male, female.... check them on the 1st, as breastcancer can hit anyone! It's the pot calling the kettle black, as I am the worst example and NEVER checked! I found my lump by... Continue Reading →

31 July 2018

26 August 2017 was the day I felt a lump in my breast and 31 August 2017 was the day I was diagnosed and now I am sentimental, as August is starting tomorrow. One year ago was the run up to the big c-day, but I wasn't aware... What followed was an outlook of a... Continue Reading →

30 July 2018

I love travelling, different countries, climates, vegetation, beaches, mountains, the sea and the food, but most of all, I love the people.... travelling wides your horizon, let's you experience different views and cultures.... You don't have to go far, different regions in Germany are already different, but I love Asia... and Latin America, and South... Continue Reading →

29 July 2018

My eyes are burning and I wonder how I will ever manage a normal life again.... it's Sunday, I make pancakes and rest on the garden sofa, read with the kids and give them water colours .... that is all I manage, but it is all I need today! My heart is filled with love... Continue Reading →

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