8 March 2018

International Women's Day - great day for a breast operation - chemo buddy Claudia messaged me last night that she will have the operation today in Holweide.... what a coincidence?!?!? Maja wanted to come with me this time, but her daughter has D&V and I am so happy to see Claudia. Prof. Dr. Warm sticks... Continue Reading →

7 March 2018

Normally I would tell Leo to get lost at 6:00am, when he said we should bake a Fireman Sam cake, but since I am awake since at least 4:00am, Mia since 5:00am and I am going to hospital tomorrow, I find myself baking a cake 🤦‍♀️ I do not consider baking a cake as lasting... Continue Reading →

6 March 2018

Slight weight improvement - 4kg to go now! I met a breast cancer survivor at Prof. Dr. Warm's yesterday and asked her about the cortisone .... she said it took her at least six month to get rid of it?!?!? .... will pretend that I am back in a matter of weeks and count on... Continue Reading →

5 March 2018

It is sunny, much warmer and the best setting for a hospital day at charming Holweide 😉 On my way to the clinic, the insurance company calls me to inform me that due to the beneficial nature of my trip to Bali, I will get my sick benefits for this period. Whoohoooo, now I only... Continue Reading →

4 March 2018

I am still on a high after Bali and I have more energy than ever! Whoohoooo.... unfortunately I also still have this blown up cortisone face more than three weeks past my last chemo, which somehow feels worse now than before and honestly, I cannot wait for these side effects to fade away. I know... Continue Reading →

3 March 2018

I cannot wait for the kids to wake up, but the lack of sleep certainly hits me by 11:00 am.... never mind, I am so happy and we have snow 😍 As far as my hair is concerned, I trim it to 1mm and am now waiting for even density until I let it grow... Continue Reading →

2 March 2018

Four hours of sleep is not enough 😫, but hey.... I have yet a last peaceful breakfast by the pool and as Luh put it so nicely: "Bali is where the souls comes to heal. The air here is medicine for the soul!" The flights home are easy and thanks to Barbara from Auckland, who... Continue Reading →

1 March 2018

Sound Medicine is a combination of different breathing techniques, mantra singing and listening to music. Leaving I am tired beyond belief and despite all efforts, cannot stay awake until the kids are home from Kindergarten.... but they have a bedtime story and a video waiting. It is almost full moon, but I sleep like a... Continue Reading →

28 February 2018

It was a wonderful atmosphere last night with candles only in the upper studio, which is open to all sides letting the subtle noises of the jungle mingle with the singing of the Tibetan bowls. Peaceful and beautiful, but all these bowls ringing did not help me sleep well. Maybe the day was spiritually a... Continue Reading →

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