10 June 2018

A very uneventful day - we visit Markus' parents in the middle of nowhere and since Dany happens to live nearby, we quickly stop by and say hello. Day 10 of my #stepupfor30 challenge and I decide to go for a swim - because I finally can do it again.... yeah! Lentpark has a nature... Continue Reading →

9 June 2018

Day 9/30 of my #stepupfor30 challenge for Bowel Cancer UK - £207,56 raised 🎉 - and am I over ambitious ?!? Today is the Race for Survival on the other side of the Rhine river. Unfortunately I did not hear about it until two days ago, which is unbelievable, as I am still in treatment... Continue Reading →

8 June 2018

Radiation 28/28 - I say thank you, give them a thank you card and a large jar of my homemade strawberry rhubarb jam for their breakfast corner and hope that I won't see them again! The end is here and I am proud beyond belief! ....have not done anything, just layed flat on a bench... Continue Reading →

7 June 2018

How could I miss this - Saturday is Race for Survival in Cologne - it is a 5km run or a 2km walk for the cure of breastcancer! The online registration is closed! Just come along - that is what I will do! I am not in a good mood - I am tired, I... Continue Reading →

6 June 2018

I am on the train home - what a wonderful trip! My batteries are recharged for all my doctor appointment ms next week and the next chemo! Bye bye Berlin - I will try to come back early July to see my former flatmate Aiden... We have breakfast at Annette's and I am in love... Continue Reading →

5 June 2018

Maja and I take it easy and are strolling through Berlin. Sport of the day for my #stepupfor30 challenge is a brisk walk along Landwehrkanal spiked with some exercises 😉 and we do everything by foot today! A for effort! £192,56 whooohoooo!! We are meeting Maja's friend Annette for Vietnamese lunch, Swenja (who I last... Continue Reading →

4 June 2018

🎵🎶 Berlin - Du bist so wunderbar - Berlin .... lalala 🎵🎶 Tonight Maja and I are boarding the train to Berlin, but beforehand I have to drop off the kids in Kindergarten, run a few erands, pack, clean up the flat, do my #stepupfor30 challenge in between radiation treatment 25/28 and 26/28....yeah! And pack....... Continue Reading →

3 June 2018

Good Housekeeping at it's best! Why?!? If only I would know.... we start with an easy Sunday and around lunchtime Markus takes the kids to the zoo - I want to join them, but first want to cook my second lot of strawberry rhubarb jam, watch the Blogger4Charity film from our last event on You... Continue Reading →

2 June 2018

Physical activity of the day - we take the bikes to go to our friends Nathalie & Gregor's garden party - 45 minutes one way! The problem is that you also have to go back at night and a champagne and a couple of Pimm's cocktails do not really help! 2/30 of my Step up... Continue Reading →

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