2 February 2019

Janssen Oncology invited for their Blogger Workshop 2.0 and we all made our way to DĂŒsseldorf! I am happy, exhausted, inspired and will report en detail, but not tonight.... my kids are a bit poorly and it is time to come home. Thank you for wonderful and inspiring 24 hours - I am feeling grateful!

1 February 2019

#feelitonthefirst - it's that time of the month again that I want to remind you to check your boobs! Yes, all of you, as men can also have breastcancer - even without men boobs 😉 I accidentally found the knot in my breast and I am forever thankful that I did, as early detection is... Continue Reading →

31 January 2019

Procrastination - that is me.... however, having the to do to pack, I do a lot instead and am awefully proud of what I have achieved. I bake my first ever zucchini brownies - not by her receipe, but inspired by Yavi ❀ I make endless calls to get the confirmation that the pension fund... Continue Reading →

30 January 2019

Today I hate cancer even more than normally, as it took little Jana away from her family. That's not fair! Jana was about to turn 13 and was looking for stem cell donors. Please make sure you register with DKMS - it only takes a few minutes - and/or donate blood, if you can, as... Continue Reading →

29 January 2019

Fatigue - I am tired of you!! I am already exhausted from waking unpin the morning! I see my alternative practitioner today - Sabine Kakizaki - she says that anxiety frees my last energy reserves and is on a mission. Foot reflexology, burning moxa stick and acupuncture for my kidneys, liver, bones and energy ...... Continue Reading →

28 January 2019

I am soooo tired, my eyes are burning, but as Astrid Lindgren says: Don't let them get you down, be silly, wild and wonderful! The fatigue is making every move difficult, but Mia is the first day in Kindergarten.... hallelujah! Our household aid is sick, but so is my psychologist, which means no appointments and... Continue Reading →

27 January 2019

I stay in bed most of the day.... I went out last night to see a my friend Christina for a lovely chat and though I had said no to any social engagements lately, I needed it so much. Yes, I need social contacts, but at what price?!? Maybe it wasn't the fact that I... Continue Reading →

26 January 2019

The entire week my mind circled around a fellow Instagram cancer patient, 21, diagnosis terminal. On Sunday, I was told by fellow cancer bloggers that she is mentally ill and invented her cancer. Now, generally, I don't like talking behind someone's back and believe that anyone is innocent until it is proven otherwise. An accusation... Continue Reading →

25 January 2019

I am sitting with Mia in the children's hospital waiting for an x-ray.... I am annoyed having had to travel to the other end of town, try to get a doctor's appointment to discuss her restricted mobility.... and then I see the parents with the newborn, who look so worried and the dark circles under... Continue Reading →

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