12 October 2018

Body wrapping - yeah - after a dreadful night with restless episodes (funnily enough I would have expected heavenly sleep after all the respiration, relaxation and meditation) I am yawning and ready to be wrapped head to toe. There is a comfortable bed waiting for me, Sandra put the cream on my back.... plenty, I... Continue Reading →

11 October 2018

Have you ever been in an old countryside home? Those one that blend in with the countryside, made of rough stones? Well, there is a certain smell, when you enter them, a mixture of wood, dust and chimney wood fires. Les Mûriers - the building where a lot of the afternoon classes are held, has... Continue Reading →

10 October 2018

I am quite impressed with the amount of English speakers, who listen to my German Insta stories - therefore there is now an English story.... I use little flags to mark the language in order to make skipping easier 😉 It is raining cats and dogs and we still have not been to downtown Avène... Continue Reading →

9 October 2018

In the early morning hours I sneak out of the room as Mum and the kids are still sleeping.... What a wonderful start into my day 🤗 My shirt fits in quite nicely, as #gibachtaufdich - the #lookafteryourself campaign initiated by the German mammography screening programme is not only meant to bring attention to the... Continue Reading →

8 October 2018

I love this place.... in France the health insurance pays for the therapy and apparently the long time effects are amazing. "This is not Lourdes" is Martine's answer to the benefits.... "there is no magic healing, but you will notice the benefits, when you are at home." Wrong - I am all relaxed already and... Continue Reading →

7 October 2018

It was a hassle to get ready, I could not sleep all night, but now it feels like a dream.... my kids are the best travelers and despited the promised rental buggies at Charles de Gaulle airport, which were missing along with any assistance, we smoothly change terminals and I am happy when Martine from... Continue Reading →

6 October 2018

I wish I could say that I am all packed for our flights tomorrow, but procrastination is my area of expertise 😉 Leo has packed though.... he obviously has more of Markus' genes 😂 It's a beautiful day outside - 26 degrees - but I have no energy to go outside..... and I should pack... Continue Reading →

5 October 2018

Thank you!! I feel blessed and am awefully grateful today and feel better already - my other big toe nail is purulent now, but I don't mind!! Thank you - Not only for the amazing amount of birthday messages (sorry, I could not answer all, but I read all and appreciate every single one ❤️),... Continue Reading →

4 October 2018

One year ago, I celebrated my 44th birthday with my closest friends in Mercato Deluxe - one of my favorite places in Cologne - not knowing what layed ahead of me....but I wanted to have a nice evening with some of the people I cared about most and live the moment! When Christina shaved my... Continue Reading →

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