10 October 2017

It is time to see the psychologist again in Holweide – poor Anja is all by herself with Lili and my mother, but there is no time to see her… she will get over it 😉

Frau Rahm is in a so much better mood having just returned from Mallorca. We have a nice chat and bump into another bold girl outside. „Didn’t I see you at the conference?“… yes, I did see her as she had a unique outfit and we start chatting about chemos. Which one I am on? Third EC…“Ah, the big ones – you seem fit though!“ – that is right. Maybe it could be worse 😉

Chemo is approaching again and I am trying to do as much as I can beforehand. We actually plan a countryside trip with a few families for the following weekend and I try to get it all organised.


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