7 January 2019

Well, this is to my brother – and I am so happy to quickly see him today inbetween music therapy, my psychologist and the madness of my Monday! No, I have no time to see him today, but I make time… I need some coffee anyway and Balthasar’s have a great breakfast. This is one thing I learned – I try to set priorities differently…. thirty minutes with Micky and coffee – the rest has to wait! Have a great start into your week…the weekend resonates in my mind…. not only do I feel extremely tired, my heart is filled with love and I am full of energy!

„What do you want to do in 2019?“ is the question in music therapy „I want to live and enjoy life!“ and that is exactly what I do now! I enjoy the rest of my coffee and will quietly continue with my cancer life task afterwards. First call to the insurance company is in the books – yeah and I want to go to yoga tonight… it has been months!

Quote of the day – doing is like wanting, just better…. it is time to DO things! Watch this space!

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