13 January 2019

Despite tiredness beyond belief, I have a sleepless night and thank goodness there is “Babylon Berlin“… I am completely hooked on this tv series – brilliant – and actually finish it!

My muscles are tense and my bones hurt…. and then I have the idea of the century! Since Friday I am allowed to swim again…. I spend the morning with the kids, while Markus is sleeping, but Mum is here and I get my swim gear ready just before lunchtime. Leo wants to join me and once Markus is up, we go to the pool! Oh what bliss…. I love the giggle and endless excitement despite shivering blue lips – we have some chips and enjoy our quality time together, as Mia had a lot of attention lately, and my tiredness is all worthwhile!

Markus picks up Leo in the early afternoon for me to peacefully swim a few laps… I enjoy it so much and my body has been longing for this. My finger did not allow me to touch any water or do any sports since October and I indulge in the tranquility of this underwater world. In a way it is like meditation – a mindfulness exercise I have been missing so much!

Now is the moment I can have some me time, as my Mum is here and Markus sister is visiting, so I decide to go to the sauna… just one round, which turns into two….but it has been ages! This is it…. the constant rain is perfect in this scenario and I sip a tea and live the moment. Mindfulness at it’s best.

It works wonders, as a tired, but awefully happy me rides her bike through the rain to return home into our family chaos!

When was the last time you took some time off?!?

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