3 April 2019

What a day – 2 hours at work – 2 root canal fillings…. over and out!

Today, marks the first step towards healthy treats to start my bisphosphonate therapy…. not that I am particularly keen, but to loose my jaw bone isn’t a good option either 🥴 The bisphosphonate therapy is supposed to increase my bone density in an attempt to reverse my osteopenia and make it harder for metastasis to settle in my bones!

Step one – take out the old filling and clean the root canals…. Pfew…. it stinks like an old fish pond! Why do I need have clean root canals?!? Any infection – and there is one on my jaw bone – needs to be gone prior to starting treatment, as I risk loosing my jawbone all together 🙀

I am scared, but here is a praise to Christian Siepe – it does not hurt at all, seems very professional and I look forward to my next appointment in four weeks time. I am forever grateful for saving my teeth and my bank account!

What kept my mind super busy though, is a chat with Arge, who are responsible for my allowance from February 6 until now…. I am in trouble not having seen a penny and what do they tell me today?!?! They are currently checking, if I am entitled to it?!? Are you kidding me?!?!? Months after I applied for it?!?

The issue is apparently that my sick leave started straight after my maternity leave?!?

Option A – they pay

Option B – they don’t and the Health insurance will pay

The only issue I have – I am only entitled to sick pay up to March 9 and I would have to apply for unemployment benefits afterwards…. I am gasping – the bare thought and the word application and all the associated work and paperwork …. ahhh! I need some fingers crossed and good nerves I guess!

The good news – the health insurance is paying for my DVT (3D X-ray). Yipehhh!

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