5 April 2019

I am online…. all is back to normal! Is it?!?

Well, yes and no – the topics are still the same, the clients & the colleagues only changed partially, my desk is the same and in my calendar are still all my regular entries from three years ago! There are routines and codes that are familiar, numbers I remember by heart and somehow it feels like I have not been away!

Then there is the new technology that I have to get used to, ok, but the IT guys and team colleagues are guiding me through, but the big difference is inside though! I have changed and this is what makes it all different! I am no longer the same, my priorities have changed and my mindset has as well…. but we are slowly getting to know each other – the new me and the old job!

While the familiar routines feel like a cosy safety blanket, the shoes I am trying to fit into are still a bit tight and need some getting used to and I am glad when I come home that I can slip into my worn out slippers 😉, as my routine at home seems to be working ok. We run out of bread and milk occasionally, I only do the laundry now and then, but we get by as Markus still supports me a lot with the kids! Thank you!

Cancer is still lurking around the corner…. but only occasionally and it is no longer the cardinal point and somehow, looking back, it never was – it played a main character, for sure, but never the lead! And yes, yesterday a back pain set my imagination running wild, but that is a small part of my new normal!

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