24 May 2019

I’ve got my period! – I thought for a long time, if I shall post this one, but there are two reasons that convinced me.

A – similar to cancer, menstruation is still a tabu. My friend Franziska Wartenberg wrote her bachelor thesis about the removal of taboos in society and media using the example of menstruation! She made it her mission to change it and it is a heartfelt matter to support her!

B – it is something I could have easily lived without for the rest of my life, but I am celebrating it. I was told that I would probably never have it again, as chemo makes most of us infertile and artificially triggers the menopause.

Having my period means that something in my body starts to work again. There are hormones and I start feeling a little bit normal again! When nothing else does at the moment, I welcome this bit!

I dig into the back of the drawers where I put the tampons in September 2017 and smirk – me 1 : cancer 0. Have a great weekend!

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