4 September 2017

The rest of the pathologic results are there – the tumor is a little bit hormone receptive, which is good, but a little bit more would be better (ER-ICA almost 10%, PgR-ICA 5%, HER2-neu 0%) and the amount of cells, which divide themselves  arbeiten any time is 80% – WOW that is what I call fast growing!

The good thing is though that the chemo can only get into the cells, while they divide themselves biggrin

She wants to start with 3-4 cylces of chemo…and often the tumor then already disappears all together, but they will still have to operate afterwards. I will loose my hair in the second chemo cycle and she says that I should get a wig in any case. I don’t know, if I want one, but her point is that I do not know how I will feel down the line and if there is an 80th birthday and I don’t feel good, I have the option to wear the wig and not face any questions.

I don’t even want to think about the chemo yet and concentrate on the operation first. I have a whole list of appointments lined up – that should keep me busy!

I will be off sick for at least 9 month – realistically one year!

Prof. Dr. Breidenbach will assist Prof. Dr. Warm, who will operate me on Thursday – see you there!

I call my insurance company AOK NordWest and ask them how they can support me and they will pay for either a friend, who helps me with the kids, 90% of Markus’ salary, if he takes unpaid leave or a household aid. Excellent!

I visit my colleagues at HRG afterwards and make sure that everyone is aware now. No energy to go to yoga…. well, not that I did not do enough yoga during the weekend 😉


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