5 September 2017

Holweide – what a welcoming site… NOT! I feel like I accidently ended up at some rehab center judging by the scary figures, who stand outside smoking.

Well, inside they are actually really nice. I have to do all the paperwork, then go to the cancer station B5 to have a talk about all that is happening. A young doctor explains how the port will be placed on top of my muscle with direct access to some larger blood vessels – the small once would be destroyed by the chemo .. nice thought! She says that a cylce is normally one time chemo plus 2 weeks rest and suddenly says that there should be 4x EC with two weeks rest and then 12x T weekly… ahhh this is more than I thought…. OK – operation first! They will locate the sentinals injecting radioactive matter – this way they will not have to remove all lymph knots and a biopsy of the sentinels will then tell them, if the tumor has spread in the rest of the body.

I use the time between appointments to talk to Eva, my colleague from Munich, who survived ovary cancer 5 years earlier with two small kids. I get all useful information and arrange to meet with her in Munich the following weekend. Interesting that you even get a disabled ID card…

More administrative work, signatures, etc. and I see the anaesthetist – strange character. CT and MRT are lined up for the next day!

I am glad to dive back into my daily routines, seeing the builders, picking up the kids, going to gymnastics and meeting the girls for dinner and drinks!


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