6 September 2017

I am back in charming Holweide for the CT and get into the CT. I lay there and a computer voice tells me what to do… I shall not move and suddenly tears are running down my cheeks. Maybe it is the first quiet moment after the diagnosis – maybe it is the feeling of being exposed? I leave and know that the MRT is two hours later. I rearrange my paperwork in a quiet corner and dry my tears.

The guy from the CT asks me, if all is ok and insists to talk to me. Now I really have to cry. He takes me in his arms and tells me that all will be fine – I love that guy. He organises for my MRT to be earlier and walks me over there. His wife just had a baby 4 months early and it was a life and death matter for both of them – yet he is so positive and gives me so much energy.

The MRT is really noisy and I get ear protectors. There are two holes in the MRT table, where you have to place your breasts… feels a bit like being at the butchers.

He checks on me after the MRT and says that he has arrange for a doctor to see me now, so I can get the results. THANK YOU!! (need to get his name again!)

The doctor (need to get his name as well ;)) says that we might as well locate the sentinels there and then and injects some radioactive substance into my breast, which they check a little while later in the nuclear medicine department.

There is another little tumor towards the center of the breast and something in the liver, but all fine. Heart and everything else are ok and I am ready for the operation!

Before I leave the hospital, I buy some chocolate to give to CT guy, but as I do, I am already crying again and we both laugh 😀

Mom arrives to look after the kids, while I am in hospital and we go with the kids to gymnastics. Eva, the trainer, is shocked and really nice – the support and love I get is increadible!

Thank you, Christian!





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