12 October 2017

Katja is pausing this time – what a pity! But I got my playlist, the Old Man and the Sea and some movies. Frau Fassbender (the chemo nurse) is funny as usual and my blood levels are actually great!

Here we go again. After I finish, Katja is there for her blood test and I give her some material from the breast cancer day, as she wasn’t too well that day. Looking forward to our next chemo together again…

We have a little bit of a routine for chemo days now – I get licorice around the corner from chemo heaven, go home and get my chicken soup and try to rest. Lilli picks up Mia and goes with her babyfriends to the playground, Mom picks up Leo and Sylvie picks him up to play with Jule at their place and brings him back after dinner! Thank you ❤


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