13 October 2017

Friday the 13th and I feel really good and not sick at all, when I wake up. Wow – I know how to do them now!

That changes just after I leave the house to go to chemo center. I am suddenly slightly sick and while getting the infusions, I get the shivers.

I try to relax at home and Sandra, one of the kindergarten moms, has started to take Leo to music school, which helps a lot.

Mia Kindergarten calls though that she has a fever and she sleeps with me most of the afternoon, when not crying – she is also teething….I feel sorry, for my little girl, who is in pain and try to comfort her, but I cannot get any sleep myself. We decide not to go to the countryside, but maybe join them the following day. The night is awful!! I am with my sick child and hardly get any sleep. Just what you need after chemo!


I need to get out for an hour and get locked in the botanical gardens while reading…. do climb the fence to get out and feel quite alive again 😉

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