4 October 2017

Hipp hipp hurray – 44 today!

Leo did say that I needed a crown for my birthday, as I no longer have hair….I  now shave of the rest of the hair and it feels good – cannot wait for the last bits to fall off now!

In a way, timing is really good – not only is a bold head fashionable, but it will be winter soon and I do not have to be careful with the sun and can wear hats.

I am at LaufMamaLauf – I always make an effort to go – no matter what! It gives me strength and I have coffee witht the girls afterwards.

I treat myself to lunch with Alexa, Simone and Hannah and dinner with the closest friends at “Mercato Deluxe”, my favourite italian restaurant. During the course of the meal, I take the head off and it feels good. I have to tell Mom that the back of my head is indeed not flat at all, like I thought for years 😉

“I can’t even remember what you looked like with hair – this feels so normal” Sylvie says and that is the way it is.

I have a cheeky wee glass of wine and a wonderful evening – I love you guys ❤️


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