8 October 2017

It is the 9th Breastcancer Day for patients, doctors and interested people. Leo is still at my Moms, Markus visits his aunt with Mia and I dive into the world of breastcancer. The one thing that is really awsome, is that you get free things everywhere – free food, free gifts, free advise 😉

I browse around the foyer where the pharmaceutical companies, wig shops, breast implant producers and all different organisations display and get some information. The only stand, which actually interests me, is her Rexrodt rehab – this is a rehab, where you can’t ring then the kids along to the seaside. I am worried that I wouldn’t benefit, if I bring the kids along, but the lady confirmed that eben also participated and that the kids have their own programme. She shows some pictures: „This is me – I was 15kg heavier due to the cortisone!“ 🙄 excellent outlook – bold AND fat ….

There are some interesting talks about therapies, medical research and Prof. Dr. Warm gives some great insides – the funniest thing though is the quick-wittedness queen Nicole Staudinger. What a delight! And now I know what a deep flat is – Nicole Staudinger got new boobs, as they flapped her belly fat ‚up‘!

I meet some other girls and one of them has actually HAIR – she wore a cooling cap during her chemos and it actually worked – this is technically apparently quiet difficult, not nice to wear and is only successful in 30% of the cases and that is why Dr. Reiser does not offer it… interesting though…. Well, I actually feel alright with my bald head!


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