2 November 2017

What a day! I wake up soaked at midnight and hope that I got rid of my cold, but cannot sleep for another two hours… Leo wakes up and as I cuddle him, he goes „Mom, your T-shirt is all wet“… and I am not feeling any better. I am dizzy and have to force myself to eat Müsli almost throwing up after the last spoon. I rest and ask Markus to drop off Leo at Kindergarten, as I have to bring my bike to inspection with Jochen, but simply cannot get up…

Finally I manage to get on my bike and find it extremely tiring and additionally my bum hurts 😉 I cannot ride the bike up a hill and push it, only to discover that I took the wrong turn and that I am at a dead end… I am so exhausted that I start crying and need a rest. This is not me and it really frightens me, but I have absolutely no power… I finally make it to Jochen’s Radfieber shop, rest and we grab a coffee. That helps! Thanks!

There is a man, who asks me, if I bought my mobile case in Aachener Strasse and yes, in fact I did… did not know that it was so unique, as it just a clear silicon cover,  but he works in the shop and we arrange to meet there, as he reckons that I could get a new mobile. Strange things happen, but I wanted to get the new mobile anyway!

Off to get my blood levels checked and I pass the test with flying colors. Chemo nurse Fassbender says that it is probably my diet, but whatever I do, it works… Whoohooo! Not that I feel like it, but great!

I go to Steffy, so she can look at my new website and I am feeling nauseous …. Steffy helped me already so much anyway within an hour that I think I am ready to launch www.kick-cancer-chick.com! I guess I should have a little launch party, but just drop into bed with three blankets and sleep.

I am supposed to go climbing with Anne in the morning… I cannot see that yet, but maybe this night will bring a miracle – fingers crossed! Otherwise I go for breakfast with the moms 😉

Jochen & I



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