3 November 2017

Insomnia my friend – NOT! I don’t like being awake at night, but hey, I knew that this was a side effect and try to make the best out of it. Last night my friend Inga contacted me, as she was also awake for an hour – what a pity I had just gone back to sleep 😉… but keep trying!

Today, I would like to take a moment to thank all my friends from near and far, for their love and support – it is still amazing and today I had another present from my neighbour on my door step – sauna vouchers!! Thank you!! I feel truly blessed to have so many wonderful friends, but even people I did not know at all, like Jamie, who I only met at the QE2 reunion, have constantly cheered me up with their messages. Thank you!

I get a call from Dr. Reiser concerning my liver results….. they are not good and he was wondering, if I was taking any medication! They then asked, if I had been drinking alcohol?!?!?! Yep, two glasses of wine and one champagne…. I feel like an alcoholic, who has been caught, but they confirm that it is then a normal past chemo reaction – I still feel guilty and will skip the cheeky wines in the future 😢

Been to the doctor‘s and it‘s a thrombosis on my bum – OMG…. I have never heard of a thing like it! Painful, but harmless and some cream will help! Well, after seeing the girls and ordering the medication, I stay at Simone‘s and rest ❤️ Leo is sleeping at Carla‘s tonight and we can go out!

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