4 November 2017

Oh what a night…. did maybe sleep a total of two hours!! I was in pain all night, but thanks to Inga, Simone, Conny, Alexa and Jos for chatting with me during different intervals – it is great to have friends with little babies, sleepless nights or different time zones πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜

I need to feel better – it is a gorgeous day and tonight is Museum night!

I am getting all kind of medication and contact Prof. Dr. Breidenbach to check what I am allowed to take. I am not really feeling better – the medication calms the pain down and I can finally sleep, but I am crying, as I want to do things with Leo and I am too weak! This is when a large parcel from Torsten and Silke arrives – perfect timing!! Thank you so much ❀️

This afternoon my neighbour Maggie puts flowers, a body lotion and a scented candle outside my door ❀️ I feel spoiled!

Prof. Dr. Breidenbach even calls me to make sure that the medication was helping and insisted I needed to protect my stomach lining after all the medication I already get with chemo. Monday I will find out, if a little operation is necessary, which would set back the rest of my chemo 😒 Fingers crossed!

There is no way I can go to Museum Night tonight, but if I donβ€˜t go out, Iβ€˜ll have cabin fever – will go to Kuen, they have a sofa πŸ˜‰

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