7 November 2017

Yipeehhh, I got my mojo back! Did pick up my bike and cycled up all the hills and I am feeling the best since starting chemo! Chemo round number two, I am ready for you now!

Today was a day of new beginnings – I started with cleaning up and had a pelvic floor training session with the midwife and yoga teacher Heike. It is about time that I will be fit for running again! I also contacted Wislava to see, if she is still getting people together for nude drawings and I want to take piano lessons again, which I did last, when pregnant with Leo. Additionally, I am in contact with a coach and we see, if we can benefit from each other…. I want to use the energy before it all goes out of the window again with my next chemo on Thursday 😉

Despite the fact that I was full of power all day, I had a low point this afternoon and lost it a bit with my kids…. It is not fair, as they are handling the whole situation really well and it was a combination of me being a bit thin skinned and tired and them being tired too and screaming – I just went around the corner for 5 minutes to finish my coffee and left them with Steffi! I am no longer as patient with my kids as I used to be, but I try! They give me so much strength and I love them so much!!

The St. Martin’s play in Riehl was nice, but what I really love about St. Martin’s is the brassband – it brings back so many childhood memories and gives me goosebumps – I just love it! And the fact that St. Martin was on a horse and we were singing in the streets with loads of lanterns and flares and had something like a bonfire afterwards just completed it. They were selling sausages – easy dinner for the kids!! Well, it was in fact Markus, who came to pick up the kids, as Svenja collected me right there for an evening with the girls at Shibuya.

One more day to chemo – and though I was scared of this one, I think I am mentally prepared now. Chemo nurse Fassbender gave me a brochure called „Allowing fear“, which I will have a look at tomorrow.IMG_5993

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