6 November 2017

My day started with speed dating albeit without the pressure: shopping with Alexa, coffee with Nina in Cafe Pause, Maja joins us and leaves, more drinks and food, then Hannah joins and later Simone and Nina leaves…. and I feel all healthy and happy again!

Food is something that has an all different meaning now. „Whatever you eat during chemo, you will no longer like afterwards!“ chemo nurse Fassbender always says and it is true… thinking about ginger water and chicken soup makes me ill and the salty taste, when they first flush the chemo port with NaCl is disgusting. It is strange though – they inject it into the port and immediately, you have this salty taste on the back of your tongue… I do eat licorice now or some sweets, while they flush it, but it is strong and something I can actually taste right now, just thinking about it. My taste buds are different as well – I eat a lot of things with minced meat now… something I never ate since I was a child! Steffi and my Mom use it in several dishes and I eat it, because it is there, but I actually really like it after chemo and it is the same with other hearty things too. Today was the third time I bought some chicken Dürüm after yoga… not really yogi spirit, I know, but I had cravings 😉 Other times, it can happen that I forget two meal a day – but Dr. Reiser said I should make sure I do not loose too much weight, so I try to be a good girl and make an effort to eat regularly.

St. Martin’s Day in Kindergarten – first of three processions this week

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