9 November 2017

I am nervous today, but I meet this incredible taxi driver, who lived 25 years in London – what a character and a great story of love, travel and entrepreneurship! Thank you for brightening my day 😀😀

Chemo nurse Fassbender looks concerned, as I have a cold, measures my temperature and tells me that I do not look too well …. they check my blood levels and say that I need to see Dr. Reiser because of my cold and liver results 😳 I feel like I am in trouble…. well, all is fine! He likes my hairstyle, checks my lungs and gives the go to do chemo! In oder for this new poison not to do too much damage to my fingertips and nails (they are falling apart already, there is air under some of them and I sometimes still have trouble opening my bike lock), I will get cooling gloves and cooling packs to see what works for me… but first nurse Fassbender needs to check that I do not get an allergic reaction and says „do not worry, we will sail this ship together and I will be there with you!“ she makes me a cup of tea, strokes my head and I think she is wonderful ❤️

The medication makes me tired and then she is trying Paelitaxal and I am not reacting allergically and we can go. I dose off, as I cannot do much with my hands in the cooling gloves anyway! Then I get the massive cooling packs and soon all is over….. did drift off and hope I did not snore having the cold 😉

All fine and chemo nurse says that I will be very tired. Yep, that is true – I already fall asleep in the Taxi and am wide awake, when the wobbly driver says „Schäääääätzchen!“ 🙄 don‘t you Schätzchen me! Off to bed 😴😴😴😴

Steffi and my mom, who Mia calls „Oppa“ now, are juggling the kids and the last Martin‘s procession and I will do absolutely nothing!

A big welcome to Carla‘s little sister Greta Philippa ❤️ Can‘t wait to meet her ❤️

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

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  1. Good luck with this round of Chemo Alex. Your blog is great, I think your brother may be right. You should write a book. Hamish 🙂 x


  2. Hi Alex, great blog. Write the book already. If you need a break, can travel stay at our home in Cape Coral, Florida. I put some champagne in the fridge for you too….. Best wishes from Atlanta.

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  3. Good luck Alex & keep smiling. Nicely written insights, thanks for sharing.
    In my mind I am preparing you a cup of tea and stroking your head too. XXX


  4. Du bist sooo stark… Chapeau! Ich wünsche dir weiterhin so viel Kraft. Für die Nägel hilft eventuell das young living zitronenöl hab ich gehört. Soll ich dir infos schicken? Schönen Tag 😘 Petra


  5. Alex you are amazing and so strong your so positive which will shine through your journey ❤️❤️❤️


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