10 November 2017

I slept like a baby – sopping wet PJs, but hopefully that did the trick. I love the new chemo drugs, as I am tired, but have no nausea and seem to be emotionally strong… so far and I have appetite! Hopefully this will not be the start of being fat, as they give me more cortisone now 😜

Despite the fact that these Chemos are weekly now, I no longer have to go to chemo center in between… no more injections, infusions, bloodtests – only one visit a week! And if I am ok on Fridays apart from being tired, then all is good and I can handle the next 11 weeks easily!

When I woke up, there were loads of messages from my sleepless friends… keep writing to me, maybe it was just a once off that I slept through 😉

I am out and about and it is really only the coughing, which bothers me!! Now that it gets colder and with chemo, I should look after my skin a bit more and follow Steffi‘s recommendation, while we have coffee: I make an appointment with Margot Hornecker – very close….no kidding …. that is the beautician‘s name 😂

The latest chemo gift – socks!

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