11 November 2017

Oh what a night! Have been awake all night with a sore throat coughing and Mia has been sitting next to me in bed singing since 4:50am – yes, very sweet, but NO – not this early in the morning 🙈 Since I am awake anyway, I get up with her… today is the official start of Karneval and I am desperate to go out tonight! 😴

It is raining cats and dogs! We just get ready and go out grocery shopping and arrange to meet Kay, Ele and their four kids for lunch in IKEA – yes, IKEA! It is brilliant – you get food, no mess at home and the kids have somewhere to play! I bump into Britta, who I studied with in Ealing, who I had not seen in at least 10 years and who had just written to me the day before!! Wow! The afternoon we all spend in Boulder Planet , which is a guarantee to have tired kids by the evening!

I am devastated, as all of Cologne is full of dressed up people celebrating Carneval since 11:11am and I am not well enough to go out – can‘t even drink 😔! I tell Ute that I won‘t make it to the party tonight, as my throat hurts and I am loosing my voice! I could cry now! I have to go out as soon as I am fit again! Well, at least Markus can go out tonight now…..

The stupid part is that in my ‚normal‘ life, I am never ill and it is frustrating not to be able to do what I want to do …. again!

To add something positive, I want to thank my mother for being there, supporting me in any possible way and being amazing… I might not always show it, but I appreciate all you do and I love you very much ❤️

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