12 November 2017

I give up – both kids are awake at 5!!! Will they ever be normal again!??!? These early starts are killing me, but I let Markus sleep… He does such a great job with the kids and he deserves it.

We go to Aachen for a surprise party for Mark and it is a lovely afternoon, but the coughing annoys me, I am loosing my voice and I am a bit dizzy. I will see Prof. Dr. Breidenbach tomorrow to make sure I will be fit again for chemo on Thursday. My body normally fights these things off quite well, but I just do not seem to recover from this one. Well, it would be strange, if all was normal while my body has to cope with all this poison 😉

Thank you, Yvonne, for the Yoga Nidra book & CD and thank you Mark, for just being yourself!

Manuel and the Coneheads 😉

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