13 November 2017

4.50am!!! Well, it was my turn to stay in bed longer, but with two screaming wee firemen full of energy, I cannot sleep… At least they play with each other in such a cute way that my heart is melting away ❤️

My lungs are really hurting now and I almost lost my voice completely. I am seeing Dr. Reiser this morning and the inflammatory values and blood levels in general are ok. He checks my lungs and I get some prescriptions. It is a beautiful sunny day today and I have time for a quiet coffee before heading to physiotherapy. I am coughing my lungs out on the way there, but hope that the medication will do it’s tricks soon.

„No need to say a word – I read your blog!“ Frau Dietrich makes me laugh! She has acupuncture needles ready and is determined to make me feel better – and yes, it actually helps. She puts the needles in my ear, puts the infrared lamp on and I am not coughing for at least 30 minutes! Amazing! Apparently it is a good sign that my ear is bleeding afterwards 😳…  I leave with some ‚mobile‘ needles in my ear (some plaster with little beads underneath, which I should touch occasionally, if the coughing is really bad… whatever works 😉) and some lotion for my nails. Thank you!!

I really want to do yoga tonight – but I will have an early night, as I am exhausted!


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