14 November 2017

OK, I will stop whinging about my early rising kids… they actually played quietly from 5:00 – 6:00, apart from Mia singing „Schlaf, Mia, schlaf“ (I wish!), so that is a start….whatever it is, full moon, easterly wind, a phase… it will eventually pass 😉

My cough is better and my voice is coming back and I need to go out and make the most of it before chemo starts again! Actually, I am not dreading these upcoming 11 chemos… the last one was actually a walk in the park (apart from all my other little aches and pains that started flying in in the last couple of weeks ;)).

Spent the morning in Museum Ludwig and lunched with Hannah, when I got a call that Steffi is ill….. ahhhh! Quick fix: Lilli will pick up Mia and I will fetch Leo and bring him to kids gymnastics and have a coffee with Michael, while he is there…Did forget to buy tickets for art night tonight and it it sold out, but a little rest will probably help my voice – did speak way too much today and sound like an old rust bucket.

Michael at Cafe Liebes Herz



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