16 November 2017

Chemo day, yeeehaaa! Well, blood levels are low, but ok, 37,1 is no fever and just a bit swollen throat is ok – off we go! Chemo nurse Frau Block is wonderful giving me cough drops and a little dish with salt. I did not know that, but if you put that on your tongue, it actually helps. She also flushes the port very slowly with NaCl, which makes all the difference on my tongue and waits until I have my mouth stuffed with gummibears 😉

Today I meet Gül – what an inspirational lady. She tells me that the ovary cancer is back for the 5th time and that she is battling with it for ten years now… yet, she is positive, full of energy and a shining light! You go, Gül! Sorry I had no voice – I look forward to talking to you again in two weeks time 🙂

As I leave chemo heaven, I notice that they did not give me the cooling gloves during the Paclitaxal… ahhh!! See if the fingertips will go more numb than last time now ….

Lately I think a lot about my ship’s mates, as with some of them I chat daily. I went to sea for nine years and it is bizarre,  but I met some of my best friends at sea – even if I only worked with some of them for a few months, I got to know them better than some of my colleagues I have been working with for years on land now. You work seven days a week, long hours – you make things happen, you have to work as a good team to cope with it all, you live together, you spend your time off together and you party together, you are friends and family and you are all the same type of people… even when not in contact for months and years, you continue where you last stopped and it is amazing. I think a lot about my buddy Matt, who passed away last year (cancer) and he would have kicked me, made fun of my hair and we would have joked about this whole thing – I miss him so much ❤ Luckily I have my brother Micky, who has a similar humor and cheers me up!

The children are staying with Luisa and Nina today  – thank you!!! Markus is at work, Anja just left and I will watch movies! Did watch Amelie (an all time favourite), started Allied during chemo, but it was definitely the wrong movie to finish home alone – am a bit too emotional for not happy endings at the moment 😉

I am just waiting for the kids now and off to bed. Lucky me – I am just tired. No nausea whatsoever and not emotional turmoils.

Look, Mom, I got ears 😉

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

6 Kommentare

  1. Mist…ich lese deinen Blog immerfort so spät abends, wenn du längst im Bett liegst, sodass ich mich nicht traue zu schreiben. Schöne Gedanken zu deinen Kollegen. Gute Nacht und gute Erholung…

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  2. Glad you’re not feeling sick after chemo, small mercy! Sounding positive Hun, inspirational! BIG love xx


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