17 November 2017

This block of chemo is a walk in the park 🙂 My fingers are a bit numb, but not too bad. The coughing is more annoying, but I am getting there!

I just had a lazy Friday morning with Leo at home until Markus took him to Boulder Planet with some other kids and dads. Sandra stopped by with croissants… hmmm… and I met my friend Anne Balsereit Balsereit, who is a photographer and documented my bald head! Thank you! Sonja gave me a bracelet while we were having lunch saying „cosquillas a las nubes grises“ and I will tickle those grey clouds away….

After playing Playdoh and singing with the kids in the afternoon, my voice is gone again… no no no! Along with losing my voice, I also lost my patience with my kids. Normally I am quite consequent with them, but I feel that I do not have the energy, the patience and the strength and it hurts a lot. They also feel that they get away with more at the moment, which does not help. I guess I should slow down a bit during the day to have more energy for my kids or maybe it is the chemo kicking in at random intervals?!?

I will not talk for the rest of the evening in order to be fit again – promise – because I am finally going out again tomorrow and I cannot wait!

Being still a bit sentimental about my sealife friends, I think I have to post a picture of my buddy Matt today…

Tintin – I miss you so much ❤

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