19 November 2017

„OMG, you actually have no voice, just like you wrote in your blog… ;)“ – my school friend Anne-Karen calls me today… Yes, true and yes, I try to just listen, which obviously does NOT work… but I love it. This is it – these special friendships and these special conversations are all worthwhile loosing your voice. The superficial blablas are ok as well, but these are the talks, which make my day and make me strong… thank you!

My intention is to stay in bed all day! I have to get better and yesterday was lovely, but a bit tough on my voice. Robert Kreis was charming, but I wish he had sang a bit more and talked a bit less, but we enjoyed it. I love the chansons and the 20s ❤

I am proud to say that I had actually hot TEA in the bars!

Thank you, Markus, for taking the kids out – I am doing absolutely nothing today and I am happy that you are doing such a fantastic job with our kids! Now let’s see, if this will do the trick 😉


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