20 November 2017

No voice and I think I am close to loosing it now… the rest I mean 😉 This is the most annoying thing I have ever experienced (apart from four years ago, when I went to Oli’s birthday bash in Mallorca without a voice, but that did not last this long – by far). One more week and I will have a serious depression! Well, Mom will come to stay with us tomorrow, as Markus is on a business trip for the rest of the week and at least I will get some pampering now 🙂 And Nina is taking me to a Milky Chance concert tomorrow, which I completely forgot about…at least this is something I can do without a voice!

The mysterious music CD I found in my letterbox is apparently something that most neighbours received as well and there is either a virus on it or some poison …. whatever! I did wonder, who gave me music I actually do not listen to, but thought it was a nice gesture and then my neighbour posted on Facebook, if anyone else had these CDs….in the bin it goes tomorrow!

Maja is on her way back from Bueno Aires – thank god for that!

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