4 March 2018

I am still on a high after Bali and I have more energy than ever! Whoohoooo…. unfortunately I also still have this blown up cortisone face more than three weeks past my last chemo, which somehow feels worse now than before and honestly, I cannot wait for these side effects to fade away. I know I will have more wrinkles, but I don’t care 😉 …. and the hot flashes are just as annoying, but I guess I have to live with them for a while 🙄

I do the early morning shift with Mia making pancakes, the late morning with Leo playing, reading and chatting, Mia and I meet Simone for lunch and a scroll around the parks and it is great to have some quality time with each one separately ❤️ I am less distracted and more focused and hope that it will get better as the chemo poison is slowly leaving my body.

By the late afternoon I am exhausted though… yep, I still have to take it easy I guess 😉

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