5 March 2018

It is sunny, much warmer and the best setting for a hospital day at charming Holweide 😉

On my way to the clinic, the insurance company calls me to inform me that due to the beneficial nature of my trip to Bali, I will get my sick benefits for this period. Whoohoooo, now I only have two issues outstanding with them …

At Holweide, I have several talks with doctors, the professor, the admin, the patient management, the head of anesthesia and the psycho oncologist and despite all of them being super efficient, it keeps me busy for a few hours and brings me back to my medical reality…. what is the outcome?!? The operation will be breast-preserving and the port will be removed at the same time. Prof. Dr. Warm is charming and efficient as ever and the only little drawback is that he did not get the results from the genetics test…. this might change the entire scope of the operation. I will not share the results, but he will call to get them and I might have to meet him again to discuss a possible mastectomy.

The future – six weeks past the operation, radiotherapy will start and it will be every day for four weeks! This actually means that we could fit a little skiing holiday in prior to radiation and that I will be done shortly after my godchild Finn’s communion and Mia’s second birthday – I have to be fit for both though.

Scrolling through the park on my way home, as the trains have major issues today, I rest for a while in the sun, enjoy the moment and feel gratitude. Lucky me!

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