7 March 2018

Normally I would tell Leo to get lost at 6:00am, when he said we should bake a Fireman Sam cake, but since I am awake since at least 4:00am, Mia since 5:00am and I am going to hospital tomorrow, I find myself baking a cake 🤦‍♀️

I do not consider baking a cake as lasting or meaningful, but it is a happy memory we share. Yes, I want to do as much as I can with my kids while I am still able to do so.

Having withdrawn my objection to cutting my sick benefits 1-6 February, the insurance company calls to ask, if I will also withdraw the objection to cutting the household aid… hmmmmm…. no!

After meeting the running mamas, I quickly stop at home to shower, before meeting Hannah and getting the fondant for the cake. The phone rings and my blood freezes for a minute, when I see that it is the hospital Holweide. Didn’t Prof. Dr. Warm only wanted to call, if the genetics test was positive to discuss a mastectomy?!? „We are calling regarding the genetic test results“ my heart beats really fast and I barely hear anything…. „tomorrow we will proceed as planned, as the results are negative!“ Pfewwwww…. I am over the moon! I was hoping that it was negative and to be honest, I would not have been emotionally prepared facing a mastectomy not even 24 hours later…. whoooohoooo!

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