8 March 2018

International Women’s Day – great day for a breast operation – chemo buddy Claudia messaged me last night that she will have the operation today in Holweide…. what a coincidence?!?!? Maja wanted to come with me this time, but her daughter has D&V and I am so happy to see Claudia.

Prof. Dr. Warm sticks a wire into my breast like last time, I still don’t like it and I have to go get a mammogram to see, if it sits alright. Not MRI? „It is broken!“ „What?“ Well, they are doing a software update/ maintenance …. all patients, who needed an MRI prior to the operation had to be cancelled and I am so happy that a mammogram will do the job for me!

The mammogram ladies are so nice, the experience is nowhere near the butcher scenes I had at Pan Clinic and we chat about Bali. The team that brings me to the operation is quite jolly and the nurse in the OP prep had a pub, lived in Spain and is really funny – the atmosphere is very relaxed and I am not nervous…. well, my blood pressure rises a bit, when they need quite a few attempts to place the needle for the narcotics, but then I feel my eyelids getting heavier and heavier.

„Don’t forget to remove the port!“ Are my last words before the operation, as they did not mark it and when I wake up, I notice that there is no drainage bag….. Whooohooo! That makes it so much easier and maybe I can go home earlier?!? What is the issue with a drainage bag? There is a hole in the side of the breast and they regularly empty it. Once they remove it, you need to change the dressing after each shower and make sure it is kept clean and dry. It is just one thing less to worry about 😀

I really feel I am in good hands with Prof. Dr. Warm and Prof. Dr. Breidenbach and both come and see me post operation! All went well and my value is higher now, according to Prof. Dr. Warm, as he placed two titan clips into my breast to mark the tumor landmarks, which will be important for the radio therapy. Apparently the radio therapy will do ‚boosters‘, which are highly concentrated beams on the spots…. I am sure I will learn more about it later 😉 my breasts are still the same – well, it is all bandaged, but the plan was to only remove the tissue around the tumor areas and this will be examined to see, if I am cancer free…The pathology results should be there on Wednesday and Prof. Dr. Breidenbach will call or What’s App me and also gave the ok to go a little bit skiing around Easter – She is simply the best!

Back in my room, I get a hearty lunch, which I barely touch and fall asleep. My room mate is really nice, specially comes here from Düsseldorf because of Prof. Dr. Warms and we chat away, but I am happy she will leave tonight, as I will have a single room 🎉

„What kind of VIP are you?!?!“ she wonders, when even the Stefan Mross like head of anesthesia comes to check on me after a psycho oncologist and a nurse, who gives me a new heart pillow…. I don’t know, but feel well taken care off 😉

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