9 March 2018

„If you were three centimeters longer, you would get an extended bed!“ Well, I am not and wonder what the nurse is trying to tell me…. stretch?!?!

My kids love hospital …. or rather the electric bed and turn and twist it as much as they can – I watch it from a far distance and love it ❤️

Apparently I am not allowed to lift more than 2,5kgs for three months!!….. ok, no kids, but already my handbag is probably much heavier 😳 Hmmm….. I plan to declutter 😉

Pain is ok, sleep is ok, food is ok and I can relax between Physio, Social Services, Psycho Oncology appointments and visitors. Claudia is two doors down the hall and we visit each other. I feel happy and think about my journey so far, while I chat with other patients about it.

I am one lucky girl and despite the fact that this might be misunderstood, I still say it…. I am happy that I have cancer. I was quite quickly in a position, where I knew it had not spread – otherwise I might not have been as positive, who knows, but I felt on top of things ….. and really, it is not the cancer itself obviously, but the opportunities it brings along, the people, the time….maybe I needed this as a more drastic wake up call, as I was too busy to listen to the quieter ones?!?!

I started to write my story today – I still have a bit to go…. six weeks until radiation, the four weeks radiation, four weeks later rehab, which brings me to at least July!

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