6 April 2018

Amazing Amy passed away yesterday…. she was such an inspiration, beautiful inside and out, a cat crazy woman glittering in all colours of the rainbow and on a mission to raise awareness, money and promote blood donations! Amy did not want pity, she wanted to see action!

Bowel cancer is something that does not only effect old people! April is bowel cancer awareness month and the most common symptoms include:

  • You have to go to the loo more often than usual.
  • You are loosing weight for no reason.
  • Bleeding from your bottom and/or blood in your stool.
  • Feel a pain or lump in your tummy.
  • Are extremely tired for no obvious reason.

If you have any symptoms or if things don’t feel right, see a doctor and persist to be checked properly – there is nothing to feel ashamed of! When Amy was diagnosed she was already stage IV….

I have never donated blood in my life, as simply the thought of needles made me sick… well, after two pregnancies and all the cancer treatments so far, i would not consider myself a needle lover, but I am an expert and have my routines. I would be happy to give blood now, but I no longer can …. there are a lot of cancer patients, who need regular blood transfusion and I beg you, please save lifes and donate blood – I would if I could!

There is nothing else I want to write about today. My thoughts are with Amy’s loved ones …. my life will go on, I will enjoy it, there will be sparkles and glitter, but for today it is black and white!

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