7 April 2018

I feel a bit rusty this week. It might be owed to the fact that I did not do any sports apart from skiing, but I rather think that it is probably the lack of cortisone, which makes me realize just a little more that my bones and joints are hurting a bit, especially when I stand up after sitting for a while…. but I rather have some little aches here and there than cortisone and the Michelin man face and body…. not that I got rid of it yet, but it is better already!

It probably did not help that I had two bars of chocolate …. whaaaat!?!? Yes, I know…. I think last I managed to eat two I had an eating disorder…. Mission for Monday – I need to reduce sugar! The good news is…. it was Bio 😉😂 I had a bad night, am extremely tired and maybe this explains the craving?!? Not really….

Nevermind – for now I am enjoying the summer feeling in Cologne, Leo and I put some old clothes on and paint a garden table for the kids (yes, child labour is something that works really well for me 😉), go to the market and buy flowers for the balcony. Summer is here and I realize that I need to either let my hair grow really fast or need to think about proper protection…. am not really a hat person, but I found the ones I got for little money at … I think … IKEA or Butler’s last year…. any recommendations?!?

Anyhow, Simone is throwing a party with her husband at Gruber’s tonight and I cannot wait…. 🎉, but I will quickly put my feet up and rest on the terrace in order to not fall asleep tonight 😉

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