8 April 2018

Things you (or rather I) realize when you loose your hair:

– the back of my head is NOT flat…. why did I ever believe that?!? Every time I used to tie a ponytail, I would pull it higher due to my ‚flat‘ back of my head…. every time at the hair dressers, I would ask them to layer the back a bit more being flat….. why?!? I do not see any flatness and thank goodness do I know now and no longer waste energy on pointless flat head talk 😉

– talking about hair dressers… they would always ask where my natural parting was and I said „right“…. why!?!?! There is short hair growing from the left of my forehead to my right…. hmm…. did chemo change my parting or was that another myth 😉

– the amount of time you save not having hair is amazing – and it still looks good without doing anything….I like! No out of bed hair – no bad hair days 👍🏻

– other people might also save shampoo, but I used it all the way through thinking that my head needs cleaning from chemo poison and shampoo felt right … and I had just bought a king size „Bed Head“ shampoo days before my diagnosis

– stress you avoid when your mother – even though I am over forty – can no longer ask you to please comb your hair before leaving the house

– no loosing of clips or hair bands, nothing to worry about and neither humidity nor wind can do any harm…People with curly hair will know exactly what I am talking about …. you straighten or blowdry your hair and a bit of rain and wind makes hours of straightening wasted within seconds…. my hair is the same now – no matter what the weather or circumstances are like!

My hair and I will have a quiet day with Leo, as Markus is visiting his mother in hospital today and I am a bit under the weather after the wonderful evening last night and the drinks that came with it – I am not used to it anymore. We will be Indians, I will BBQ a few sausage and we will have lunch in the tipi I sewed for the kids, will blow bubbles and enjoy the warm and sunny weather…. and I cannot wait for my parents to bring Mia back this afternoon.

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