3 June 2018

Good Housekeeping at it’s best! Why?!? If only I would know…. we start with an easy Sunday and around lunchtime Markus takes the kids to the zoo – I want to join them, but first want to cook my second lot of strawberry rhubarb jam, watch the Blogger4Charity film from our last event on You Tube and install our automated watering system on the terrace and the balcony, which takes longer than expected and they already back before I even had a shower…. hmmmm…. why do I do these stupid things instead of spending time with my kids?!?!!

The film stays in my mind – Blogger4Charity is what I support, it is also my message to check yourself and insist to get properly checked by your doctor, if you feel something is wrong! Together we can make a difference – this is something worthwhile supporting, no matter if you are a patient or healthy! Thank you Natalie for connecting us, for all your hard work & love you put into this and I hope I can be at the next event in Berlin (18 August 2018) ❤️

Running has a very special place in my life, as it was my way into being regularly physically active despite working the seven seas…. I managed to run three marathons after starting land life and really enjoyed it. It was my kind of meditation, my way to switch off and since Markus and I had a long distance relationship for years, we would always go for a run Friday evening to talk about the week. Since the babies I have not been able to run properly, as I had some pelvic floor issues, which did not improve much during chemo and this is why I challenge myself today to do a 30 min run!

I wait until the sun is setting and run at a very slow pace, ready to stop any minute, but here we go!! I manage 30 minutes ….. whooohooooo!!! My joints and ligaments say hello, I am red as a tomato, but I manage 3,25km and am super proud of myself! Hello running my old friend …. I am back in the game! Yipeehhh!!! As I recover from what feels like a marathon, the endorphins kick in and I am flying through the rest of the evening! Yeah – donations made on my Step up to 30 page £182,56 🎉

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