4 June 2018

🎵🎶 Berlin – Du bist so wunderbar – Berlin …. lalala 🎵🎶

Tonight Maja and I are boarding the train to Berlin, but beforehand I have to drop off the kids in Kindergarten, run a few erands, pack, clean up the flat, do my #stepupfor30 challenge in between radiation treatment 25/28 and 26/28….yeah! And pack…. you know me mastering my procrastination skills…. therefore I am doing my blog now and will once again manage to throw everything in my suitcase within five minutes 😉

I am happy to break away from my radiation routine and my Mum will be here with the kids! Somehow I have suddenly another three trips to Berlin lined up each month now, as I try to be there again beginning of July, mid August and mid September – I love it! I just have to work my chemo schedule around them and build in a little holiday with the kids, but I see my oncologist next week and can do the fine tuning with him….

It is only day 4 of my #stepupfor30 challenge and I wonder what I can do for the rest of the 30 days! For today I am finding a shady spot in the garden for some relaxing Yin Yoga ….. any suggestions for the other 26 days?!? I have a few sport dates lined up already, so come and join me!

I just figured out today that I can see who donated – I am speechless!! This is so much appreciated!! Thank you ❤️ Love you guys!

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