5 June 2018

Maja and I take it easy and are strolling through Berlin.

Sport of the day for my #stepupfor30 challenge is a brisk walk along Landwehrkanal spiked with some exercises 😉 and we do everything by foot today! A for effort! £192,56 whooohoooo!!

We are meeting Maja’s friend Annette for Vietnamese lunch, Swenja (who I last saw in Acapulco about 16 years ago) for coffee and float through the day, meet Denise, who we are staying with, for dinner & cabarett – Ulan & Bator. Sebastian – is he Ulan our Bator?!?? whatever – used to be Maja’s neighbour in Cologne, but we go to see them in Berlin….. excellent show though, even if I can hardly sit at the end anymore, but I am laughing my head off!

What happened to radiation?!? Well, I get two days off, as they need to do four this week and since I had a double session on Monday, my next appointment is on Thursday. Whooohooo!

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