6 June 2018

I am on the train home – what a wonderful trip! My batteries are recharged for all my doctor appointment ms next week and the next chemo! Bye bye Berlin – I will try to come back early July to see my former flatmate Aiden…

We have breakfast at Annette’s and I am in love with her flat…. old wooden floors with a beautiful 4,30m high stuccoed ceiling, but it is probably also Annette adding to the charm of this place spiked with lovely little details. We walk all over Kreuzberg, shop a little bit and decide to top our endless scroll with some proper exercise. Yeah!

My daily sports programme for Bowel Cancer UK’s #stepupfor30 challenge takes Maja and myself to the former airfield of the abandoned airport Tempelhof! What an amazing place, where we meet wind surfers, kite flyers, incline skaters and join in the fun for a thirty minute double Gokart spin….

We quickly grab a late lunch at Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab, where you normally queue for an hour, relax in Cafe Eule at Gleisdreieck Park – a little peaceful oasis and say good bye to Denise, her daughter Liv and wonderful Berlin! We will be back ❤️

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