7 June 2018

How could I miss this – Saturday is Race for Survival in Cologne – it is a 5km run or a 2km walk for the cure of breastcancer! The online registration is closed! Just come along – that is what I will do!

I am not in a good mood – I am tired, I feel like I have a hangover and I just make it to radiation 27/28 (whooohooo!) on time, when the insurance company calls me. She is just checking something about my sick note and oh, yes, just out of interest, where am I standing treatment wise? Why do I always get the feeling that they are up to no good or want to catch me out?!? Mind your own business, I am busy with therapy …. anyway, back to business – radiation and tomorrow, I have my second and final appointment with Dr. Ricke in the radiation center 🎉

TGIF and what is happening next week? Lots of doctor appointments and the start of my new chemo! I will know all the details on Monday and I cannot wait – then I can plan some holiday!

The lack of sleep does not help and I rest at lunchtime being completely overwhelmed by the thought of doing any paperwork… physical activity of the day?!?! Simply the thought exhausts me already…. over and out!

To add to my foul mood, I notice that I gained weight…. brilliant – just what I need 🤦‍♀️

My physiotherapist Frau Dietrich let’s me do some weights today – not that I like doing weights…. I really don’t – not my cup of tea, but since it is 20 minutes and I ride my bike there, I have my 30 minutes for the #stepupfor30 challenge in the books!

I pick up Mia, get some groceries with her and have a nice afternoon with the kids. Now I need calm and quietness and my kids seem to understand ❤️

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