8 June 2018

Radiation 28/28 – I say thank you, give them a thank you card and a large jar of my homemade strawberry rhubarb jam for their breakfast corner and hope that I won’t see them again! The end is here and I am proud beyond belief! ….have not done anything, just layed flat on a bench 28 times….big deal, but it is another big step on the way. Next stop onchology …. again 😉

I am allowed to have a bath again, go swimming and can’t wait!! I might hit the natural pool in Lentpark or go to Fühlinger See! No sauna for six weeks, no hardcore or nude sunbathing, always 50+ protection, check up in September!

I make my way through the rain to Haus LebensWert. Despite the grey skies, I am happy and full of energy! Today is my first session with my new psycho oncologist and somehow I am somehow embarrassed to write about it…. yet another one – wish I would get some frequent flyer miles, but this will hopefully be my permanent one!

I visit Sabrina for lunch in hospital – she is one tough cookie – and who do I bump into in the same spot as last time? Kindergarten buddy Lars brightens this rainy day – so good to see him – but I have no time for coffee today …. I need to pick up Leo, then pick up his buddy Jakob and bring them to music school…. yeah!

Picking up the kids and cruising through the day feels wonderfully normal and I feel that I have the energy and power to do it! Even cleaned up the flat prior to radiation …. I will live on this high and try to do normal things at least until my chemo starts! Hello normality!

#stepupfor30 activity for today – I will go for a run or do yoga at home – depending on the weather! What about an evening swim?!? Mind you, apparently a diver saw a 3m long catfish in Fühlinger See 😳?!?!

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