9 June 2018

Day 9/30 of my #stepupfor30 challenge for Bowel Cancer UK – £207,56 raised 🎉 – and am I over ambitious ?!?

Today is the Race for Survival on the other side of the Rhine river. Unfortunately I did not hear about it until two days ago, which is unbelievable, as I am still in treatment and live in Cologne?!? Apparently they promote via a mailing list of 12.000 survivors and seem not to actively include new ones, but some of us found our way 😉

Secondly it might have been a mistake to ride the bike to the run and back, do the warm-up while holding Mia in my arm, doing the 5km and to do the yoga cool down/ stretch?!? And why did I push the pram with Mia and Leo most of the way 🤦‍♀️?!? Whatever it is, I can hardly walk anymore as my thighs are killing me 😜 additionally it was about 1.000 degrees hot and no cloud in sight – I am done for the day, hope I have no sunstroke and will have a really quiet evening now! Pfewwwww…. but I am proud of myself and happy I bumped into Linda again, who I briefly met at the Blogger4Charity event in Düsseldorf in April.

Vino – I really deserve you today!

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