7 July 2018

Here is something new…. I am tired πŸ˜‚ and that’s why I am late with my July fundraiser!

I am participating in the #dryjuly challenge, not drinking any alcohol for one month and I am challenging you to donate to DKMS LIFE, who run the look good feel better patient programmes in Germany – cosmetic seminars for cancer patients! I support them, as this really makes a difference and to see some pale and sad faces leaving happy, smiling and radiant, is truly inspiring!

Click here for my Facebook donation page or donate to:


Deutsche Bank AG Reutlingen

IBAN DE27640700850013230800


Subject: “Kick Cancer Chick”

Or click here to donate via their homepage!

I said I would double the donations once €100 are reached and while posting it, donations were already at €140…. thank you, please keep donating!!

Today is Kindergarten party and I am just recovering from the last few days…. I was doing alright during the day yesterday, but when Mia had enough last night, was screaming and shouting while I was trying to put her to sleep, I almost fainted….. sweat was pouring down my face, every bone in my body hurt and I felt weak and sick. Helpless not to have the physical and mental strength I used to have….. but I enjoyed the afternoon and evening and am putting some makeup on and getting my tissues ready for my wee boy singing in choir today at the kindergarten summer event ❀️❀️❀️…..

I manage alright, speak to some parents I have not seen for a while and am happy that my kids are happy in this cute little kindergarten! In the book “Why does Mum wear a hat during summer!” the cancer free Mum goes to the kindergarten summer event and wins the sack race with her son! Maybe this is why I am so happy that the kids are fit again, so joyous that weather is splendid and I dive into rider racing, coconut shy and wheelbarrow racing. My kids are adorable and my heart jumps with joy.

I am equally exhausted when we return home and rest a bit! Chill, bake pizza with the kids and I will finish with a yin yoga workshop at I’m possible yoga with my friend & fellow Kindergarten Mum Nina πŸ™

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