8 July 2018

€522 for my fundraiser for DKMS LIFE …. whooohooo! Ok, €100 are my match, but this is amazing! Thank you!

Today I test my nerves and almost have an epic fail, but only almost…. I try sewing a kindergarten folder cover for Mia in between fleamarket and swimming and learn that I am not fit, as a) I almost throw the machine out of the window as it plays tricks on me (ok, that happened beforehand cancer as well) and b) I cannot figure out in my head which side I have to sew together…. I use trial and error and thank goodness it works…. but I am done for the day – mentally – and it is really messy! Normally I might have cared, but I don’t – it is handmade, by myself and for my daughter ❤️ From far away it looks great and it is almost midnight and I need to sleep now!

Point number two…. I like to raise awareness and donations for cancer projects, charities and cancer itself…. I do not see what a difference it makes that I am a patient…. on the contrary – I know best what it is like! Cancer is still a taboo, but I like to talk about it and hope that I can support cancer patients, encourage and make a difference! That’s it 😉

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