9 July 2018

Music therapy is extremely emotional today… we loosen the vocal cords, the face muscles, the tongue, the body and sing different songs. I am tired, but feel good and suddenly, with the next song, it all comes out. The melody triggers my emotions and tears are running down my cheeks – I cannot stop weeping and humming the melody at the end does not help….

🎵🎶Been travelling a day

been travelling a year

been travelling a lifetime

to find my way home  2x

Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is

My heart is with you 🎶🎵

Home….what is home….I have travelled the world, called the ships and boats my home, but home isn’t a place, home is the smell of my grandfather’s hair, the sound of the pigeons outside their house (which I thought for ages were nightingales …. the idea was by far more romantic 😂), it is a little cave, I build as a child, it’s holding a child in each arm, as they snuggle up to me, while I am reading, it is the cosiness of my room in Adelaide Road and the feeling being held by Nick, who I was dating, endless nights chatting, drinking, eating and smoking in our living room, a phone call with Inga, Anne, Anke, Tessa, Conny, taking off in an airplane and seeing the clouds from above, a coffee with Hannah, Simone or Maja, a joke my brother makes, woodruff water ice sticks and candy I shared with Lars, my Mum’s hand on my cheek, a book, a movie, a song or singing the karaoke buttercup song with MiniMe on the QE2, coffee in that little diner in New York, skiing through deep snow, swimming in Mondsee or any lake and many many moments, but what it comes down to is being happy with myself, accepting myself the way I am, being in the moment and the here and now!

🎶 Home is where my heart is and my heart is with me 🎵, is the alternative ending and this is the right one! Love life, love the moment, love yourself ❤️

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