18 July 2018

Here is a special recommendation – aloe vera infused hydrating gloves & socks with some kind of silicone or gel layer inside! Doro sent them to me as a gift after their trip to the Canary Islands and now they come in handy, as one major side effect of chemo pills is dry hands and feet and if not moisturized well enough, they can get all red, sensitive and full of blisters….. thanks, Doro, I feel all prepped!

My friend Hera is in town, but the last minute breakfast date is too spontaneous, as I have already dropped the kids off at Kindergarten and am on my way to LaufMamaLauf – what a pity… she is leaving town shortly afterwards. I had saved my energy for my exercise programme today and it feels really good! I have a coffee with the girls, a quick lunch with Maja and after a little rest, I pick up my kids. Markus is fit enough to make it on crutches to the public pool and Steffi, our household aid, helps me to prepare everything and the kids and off we go! It is a beautiful afternoon and evening and I will now have a quiet evening after having just finished my second chemo cycle! The week will continue without any appointments and I love it and next week I am ready for all doctors, therapist & oncologists! Bring it on!

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