21 July 2018

I am sitting at the airport in the wee hours of the morning, being tired and listening to the introduction of the Untire app…. is it cancer fatigue?!? Surely not always… I had less the five hours of sleep ahead of me by the time I went to bed last night and the kids wake me twice during this time…. hmmm…. but I am here now, ready for a chilled weekend with my brother. There are several stag dues… is it that or do these guys simply love to dress up in the same outfit and start the day with loads of beer?!? Who cares…. at least they are jolly. I am boarding with a group dressed up as a soccer team including the goalie Oliver Kahn…. yeah!

The Germans have the reputation of being stiff, sour, serious, etc. and yes, a lot of them can be…. but there are people in here and it seems a lot of them are in Cologne, who enjoy life and don’t take things too seriously … and yes, I am sitting right next to them in the plane and they sing Karneval songs from Cologne and at the end of the flight the entire plane is singing…. well, at least the people from Cologne, who know the words…. and that is why I chose Cologne, when I decided to live in Germany ❤️

It is raining cats and dogs as I leave the plane, but I am in a jolly mood…. it is ironic, as the entire month of July seems hot and sunny apart from these two days, who I spend with my brother at Eibsee lake 🤦‍♀️ the summer of the century decided to take a two day break …. whatever – more spa time!

Lucky lucky lucky….. the weather is ok, it just rains a little bit and Micky and I take a boat straight after arriving at Eibsee Hotel – the calm is amazing. Micky is fishing, but no reading for me…. I just enjoy the calm and peace. The water is flat and the clouds and trees and glimpses of Zugspitze reflect in the water while Micky is fly fishing, which is such a picture perfect way of fishing – I am in the middle of this Robert Redford and Brad Pitt movie! The time seems to stand still….we decide to hit the spa and the weather improves… I can swim in the lake and when Micky rows out onto the lake, I grab one of the Stand Up Paddling (SUP) boards and join him.

SUP – I tried it once …. days before my diagnosis. What a meditative way to move across the lake…. balancing, unwinding, concentration and slowing down…. we won’t have any fish for dinner, but luckily we are on hardboard 😉 enjoy your evening – I already feel like I have been here forever!

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