20 Juli 2018

A beautifully normal day comes to an end… the kids are in kindergarten, I have coffee with Nadine, run some errands, rest and pick up the kids…. it is summer in the city, life is easy and beautiful and if I wasn’t tired, it could just be any nice normal day off….

Mum arrives for the weekend and I attend an blind-folded yoga class with Ina from Yogalicious at I’m possible yoga! I have a one month trial membership now and since Markus cannot do any sports for three month, I got the Thursday evening slot to do yin yoga there …. whohhooo…..

Doing yoga blind folded is a totally different experience and for some reason I completely loose orientation, as Ina turns me 90 degrees to face forward, which I thought I had been doing all along 😉… A great opportunity to forget everything and concentrate on breathing and yoga …. theoretically – surely my mind is still all over the place, but it calms me down….

At home I have evening madness with a wild screaming Mia – bless, she has a lot happening in her little life being in big kindergarten now and needs a lot of calming down and Mama cuddles and ages to fall asleep and I still have to pack – no procrastination this time…. I simply had no time – and I have to be at the airport at 6:30 for my flight to Munich 😴 Good night!

My energy level is at rock bottom – I am proud to have managed this week with Markus on crutches and short childcare hours, but I need this quiet time away now to recharge my batteries!

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